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Tubi or Not Tubi

Jun 28, 2023

In this local, saucy episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we encounter some supremely suspicious islanders in the 2017 film, Dogged, directed by Richard Rowntree.

Tubi seems to be asking a very serious question: what happens when the Banshees of Inisherin are your dad? And it's Christmas? And a girl you do or don't know died, I...

Jun 14, 2023

In this well-traversed, confused episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we revisit a quirky cinematic flame in the 1996 film, Josh Kirby... Time Warrior! Chapter 5: Journey to the Magic Cavern, directed by Ernest Farino.

We at Tubi or Not Tubi have most definitely had more than one run-in with this particular franchise...