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Tubi or Not Tubi

May 30, 2023

In this fanciful, pointed episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we take a historical cinematic journey to a fascinating queer cinema specimen in the 1969 film, The Gay Decievers, directed by Bruce Kessler and starring Michael Greer.

This podcast is no slouch when it comes to exploring the occasional historical artifact, and this...

May 16, 2023

In this well-traveled, medical episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we tackle our first live recorded performance in the 2020 film, A Man and His Prostate, directed by Leonardo Foti, written by Ed. Weinberger, and starring the late Ed Asner.

We've seen live shows on Tubi before, and there is quite a litter to pick from! What...

May 2, 2023

It's our first-ever LIVE SHOW!! In it, we revisit an old wound. Yes, I'm speaking of Allegiance of Powers, the 2016 film directed by Michael Crum. In making up for the literally lost time of the previous recording, we have now exposed this spectacle of a film to the public, in a public setting no less!

What a time we had.