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Tubi or Not Tubi

May 16, 2023

In this well-traveled, medical episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we tackle our first live recorded performance in the 2020 film, A Man and His Prostate, directed by Leonardo Foti, written by Ed. Weinberger, and starring the late Ed Asner.

We've seen live shows on Tubi before, and there is quite a litter to pick from! What...

May 2, 2023

It's our first-ever LIVE SHOW!! In it, we revisit an old wound. Yes, I'm speaking of Allegiance of Powers, the 2016 film directed by Michael Crum. In making up for the literally lost time of the previous recording, we have now exposed this spectacle of a film to the public, in a public setting no less!

What a time we had.

Apr 18, 2023

After the recent publishing of our very first interview as the interviewees on Around the Reel, it is only reasonable we release the wonderful interview we had with 2/3rds of that team as well!

We discuss the joys of The Giant Pacific Octopus. We examine the trials and tribulations behind the making of the documentary....

Apr 4, 2023

In this inspired, legendary episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we kick off year four by heading into the deep to explore the secrets of the 2021 documentary film, The Giant Pacific Octopus, directed by Samantha Hanna.

We received this film as a direct recommendation from the exalted TwoBi-earning director and friend of the...

Mar 21, 2023

It is once again time for the annual yearly review, in which we get down to the brass tax on which films viewed this year were truly the most powerful of the Tubi Bunch! Of course, Quizmaster Pete returns with their under-the-bridge riddles as well...

The All-Time Tubi rankings can be found